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Knowledge and innovation applied to the health
care sector management

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New information
technologies that add value to the decision
making process


It is a health risk management system that helps improve health outcomes of the insured population reducing their health care costs. It fosters the health insurers’ and medical institutions’ relationship by focusing on the wellbeing of the insured population.

It manages different risk conditions such as multimorbidity, chronic diseases, life cycle, among others.

It is supported by a rigurous research process that allows it to offer innovative solutions tailored to each organization´s needs.

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Our Services They generate competences, knowledge, and they increase the capabilities among our clients, allowing better health care outcomes while reducing costs when providing health care services.

Research and  consultancy

We provide leading edge knowledge and highly specialized technical assistance as well as studies developed by professionals.

risk management

Manage the organization´s health care risk and improve sanitary results while lowering cost in medical care.

Training and coaching

Expand the competences of your human talent in knowledge areas enabling them to improve their management skills.


They generate more effective relationships between the buyers of services, the health care providers and the health care professionals.

First Contact

An easy and quick way to identify and calculate the health risks of new affiliates.


It seeks to improve the relationship between the insurers and the health care service providers and their respective population, and then it strengthens self-care among patients.

H-Star Lite

Allows managing risk specific conditions of a population.

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